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Registering with a local GP is simple in Jersey. Find out how to register to your local Practice.

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Doctors who work in general practice are known as General Practitioners (GPs) - or family doctors. In Jersey GPs surgeries are private businesses, so you will have to pay to see them.

Fees vary slightly from surgery to surgery and additional charges may be made for services like injections and blood tests.

For the first six months after you arrive in Jersey, you will have to pay the full cost if you need to visit a GP. Once you have been in Jersey six months and you have paid any Social Security contributions that are due, you will be able to apply for a Social Security health card. Showing this card at your GP's surgery will give you a discount of £40.00 off the fee.

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Patient Info - Includes Symptom Checker

Out of Hours GP Clinic (JDOC)

For emergencies Dial 999

How to register:

Step 1

Register with a doctor by downloading and filling out the forms in the downloads area of any Practice Website

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Step 2

Use the links below to find the nearest practice, or use our GP finder.

Or, locate the nearest practice in your area.

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