Changes to community antenatal care

Below is information to share with GP’s regarding the recent changes to community antenatal care. Attached is the Antenatal Booking Pathway. Please can you cascade this email to all GP’s/GP surgeries? Philippa Venn has authorised for this. Many thanks.

Antenatal Care Provision for women in Jersey

  • From Monday 23rd March ALL women who are booked for an Midwife antenatal appointment in a GP surgery will be seen in a centrally located midwife clinic NOT at the GP surgery

GP role

  • All GP’s please complete initial GP consultation and refer to attached Antenatal Booking Pathway for ALL antenatal referrals.
  • Please complete the 25 week whooping cough consultation. If the lady is in isolation, the whooping cough vaccine can be completed anytime up until 32 weeks gestation.
  • The Midwives will carry out the 38 week antenatal check.

Centralised Midwife clinic

  • Appointments will be running 5 days a week Monday to Friday, starting at 08:00 and finishing at 18:00. The appointment list will be kept centrally at The Bridge midwives office (in a folder on desk)
  • Women will be phoned prior to attending the clinic to check if they are well enough to attend OR symptomatic of Covid or self-isolating. Those not fit to attend will have a phone consultation, recorded on to the hospital TRAK CARE system.
  • A midwife will also use the initial phone call as an opportunity to answer any questions in order to minimise the length of the appointment.
  • If the woman is well they will be instructed to attend alone.
  • Slots will be 20 minutes long – 15 mins for the appointment + 5 minutes cleaning time.
  • It is expected that ONLY a BP, urine dip, palpation/FH auscultation and required blood tests will take place. Any questions can be dealt with over the prior phone call  
  • One midwife will be allocated to run the clinic on a daily basis. A second midwife will be allocated to run the phone consultations and follow up any queries from the clinic.

Antenatal care provision has been reviewed and will be a combination of phone contacts and face to face clinic appointments:

Midwife Booking – Phone Consultation (90 mins)

16 weeks – Phone Consultation (20 mins)

25 weeks – GP contact (for whooping cough vaccination)

28 weeks – Midwife Contact

31 weeks – Phone Consultation (20 mins) PRIMIPS ONLY

34 weeks – Midwife Contact

36 weeks – Midwife Contact

38 weeks – Midwife Contact

40 weeks – Midwife Contact PRIMIPS ONLY

41 weeks – Midwife Contact  - offer membrane sweep, book induction of labour if required

41+2 – Midwife Contact - 2nd membrane sweep

This plan is subject to change at short notice due to the nature of the constant updating from relevant professional bodies’ (RCOG, RCM, NMC etc.) We shall endeavour to inform you of any changes that will affect your role.

If anyone has any concerns or questions please contact 449139 or 449190.


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